The name of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and organizations from the area based on 1926 Welcome to the Faculty of Education.

Nowadays, very fast, while the amount to learning, aiming to transfer knowledge to students is abandoned the traditional teaching approach. Students learn how to learn by targeting specific skills, attitudes and values that aim to bring to the fore is the understanding of contemporary education. This is a qualitative and quantitative understanding of contemporary education has absorbed quite adequately equipped our academic staff Atatürk's Turkey towards the modern civilization is to train the teachers.

Our faculty not only in terms of number of students and faculty, but also spend their lives in the understanding of contemporary education and information technologies effectively is the center attraction in terms of use. About 8 computer laboratories located in the Faculty and over 200 computers are connected to the Internet to serve our students till late at night.

Academic and administrative staff of the faculty, according to the purpose of our organization, are contemporary, have self respect, and are open to innovation, questioning and producing and soldiers have been entrusted to them by Ataturk is seen as a vision. Therefore, all our staff and students are proud to be at Gazi University.

Information technology services are provided to our students in the most effective manner in which traditions with contemporary and innovative educational approach is provided by our faculty and all teacher candidates who want to experience the privilege of being at Gazi are welcome.

Sincerely ...


Dean of Gazi Faculty of Education