Why GEF ?

Gazi Faculty of Education was opened as ‘Middle Teachers’ School and Training Institute’ in 1926. Its name was changed to ‘Gazi Middle Teachers’ School and Training Institute’ in 1929. In 1976, it was named as ‘Gazi Institute of Education’ and then it became ‘Gazi Higher Teachers’ School’ offering a four-year course in 1980. In 1982, it was incorporated into Gazi University and its name was changed to ‘Gazi Faculty of Education’.

There are semesters in the Faculty. Apart from the mandatory courses, there are also elective courses offered according to students’ interests and talents.

There are 6532 registered students in the academic year 2019-2020.  Gazi Faculty of Education has a large staff consisting of 176 Professors, 107 Associate Professors, 47 Assistant Professors, 27 Academicians, 99 Research Assistants (Members of our Faculty and research assistants that are appointed to other universities in order to be trained as academicians).

Our Faculties’ current departments were founded in accordance with decisions taken by Higher Education Executive Committee dated 15.06.2016 and new departments and divisions are as follows:


There are 27 different divisions in 8 departments in the Faculty.

Information Technologies are used effectively in our Faculty. Our academicians are provided the opportunity to use laptops and delineascopes in the classrooms. There are 7 computer labs and in these labs there are more than 200 computers connected to the internet at our students’ disposal. These computers have the highest speed connection in Turkey.

In the world now the conventional teaching methods have been left behind. Instead, a modern teaching method aiming at teaching key concepts and upskill students is more important. Our academicians are training academicians for other institutes by internalizing this modern understanding.

With the light of this information, here are some reasons as to why you should choose Gazi Faculty of Education:

  • Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gave his name to our University,

  • It was founded with Gazi’s will and it follows the contemporary civilization path that He showed,

  • It is the oldest educational institution in our country,

  • It has the most equipped academicians both in terms of quantity and quality,

  • It internalizes contemporary education understanding,

  • It has quite a broad divisions,

  • It uses information Technologies effectively,

  • You can say It is a privilege to be a Gazi member at Gazi University.

We are waiting for you to experience the privileges of being a Gazi member like all our students at Gazi Faculty of Education.