With his Speech on "Historical Reflections from Ahi to Polytechnic Education" to the Eleventh Science Conferences, Prof. Dr. Güray KIRPIK was our guest
14 April 2022 | 09:47

A Conference was held for the eleventh of the Science Conferences series with the title of "Historical Reflections from Ahilik to Polytechnic Education".

Our Dean Prof. Dr. Mahmut SELVI, Deputy Deans Prof. Dr. Yasin UNSAL, Assoc. Dr. Serkan KOŞAR, our faculty members, administrative staff and students, as well as our faculty member Prof. Dr. Güray KIRPIK attended.

Our Dean Prof. Dr. Mahmut SELVİ gave the opening speech and Prof. Dr. Güray KIRPIK started with the definitions of the concepts of "Ahi-Order and Polytechnic Education".

Our Dean, Prof. Dr. Prof. Mahmut SELVI shared his knowledge and experience with the participants in his closing speech in which he stated that more importance should be paid to applied education. Dr. He thanked Güray KIRPIK and all the participants for enriching the conference.

Click here for the video recording of the conference...




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