Students of our Faculty's Geography Education Department Participated in the Sapling Planting Event in Akyurt
18 May 2022 | 09:26

Students of the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education of our Faculty, Department of Geography Education, Head of the Department Prof. Dr. With the guidance of Ülkü ESER ÜNALDI, they participated in the sapling event held in Akyurt Balıkhisar District on March 21, 2022.

Students participating in the sapling planting event: Sefa GÜRBÜZ (Event Organizer), Talha EKICI (Event Organizer), Adem ALTUN, Deniz TATAR, Muhammet ANNABERDIYEV, Orazmamet BALKANOV, Afranur ÇETİN, Beyzanur ÇEKİÇ, Gizem ERKOÇ, Annadursun SETDAROVA, Bahar GOLBAYEVA Zeynep HAVUZ, İrem BİLGİÇ.

The students went to the planting area with the vehicle allocated by the Çankaya Municipality and planted saplings, thus contributing to a livable world as both students and teachers of the future with a sense of social responsibility.

We would like to express our thanks and congratulations to the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department of Geography Education of our Faculty and the students who participated in the event for this meaningful event they have done in terms of social contribution and environmental awareness.

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