General Information

The Faculty of Education was established in 1926 at the Gazi University. The basic objectives of the Faculty are as follows

To educate the students in order to be professionals in educational terms and to gain foresight, as well as assisting them to respect to the ethnical values and soial aspects of the public. The self-consciousness on educational issues is also highlighted to ensure development of self-responsibility along with the personal skills of students.

Students are expected to benefit from the academic innovations and in turn contribute to the improvement of the scientific advances and of their community. The scholars have also been educated in order to be open-minded for the development of science, perceiving the events in such a conceptual perspective that reflects the way of true life and always be respectful to the common benefit of the public. The students have also been educated in a way that they are to be open to the opinions of others sharing life in the society.


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