Welcome to Gazi Faculty of Education, which was founded in 1926 and which was named after the great leader of the Republic of Turkey, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

In the modern world, while the amount of information that has to be learned is on the rise, traditional approaches to teaching that aim for the transfer of information to students are abandoned. A modern approach to education that enables students to learn how to learn and that equips them with specific skills, attitudes, and values have taken the center stage. Our faculty members, who have internalized the modern understanding of education and who are well equipped quantitatively and qualitatively, have been training teachers following the path Atatürk made in the name of creating a modern civilization.

Our faculty is a point of attraction not only in terms of the numbers of students and faculty members, but also in terms of the realization of a modern understanding of education and the use of information technologies. More than 200 computers connected to the internet in 8 laboratories located in our faculty are at the service of our students.

Our academic and administrative staff regard training modern, confident, and innovative teachers who question everything and are productive in line with the foundations of this faculty as a vision they inherited from Atatürk. Thus, all our personnel and students feel the well-deserved pride of belonging to the faculty of Gazi himself.

We are looking forward to having all teacher candidates who are willing to enjoy the privilege of belonging to Gazi at our faculty, which embraces a modern and innovative understanding of education and tradition.


Dean of Gazi Faculty of Education


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