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Gazi Faculty of Education was founded in 1926 with the name of “Orta Muallim Mektebi ve Terbiye Enstitüsü” (The School for Middle School Teacher Training and Education Institute). In 1976, it was named as “Gazi Institute of Education”, which became "Gazi Yüksek Öğretmen Okulu" (Gazi Higher School of Teacher Training), providing education with a duration of 4 years. In 1982, it started to serve as a branch of Gazi University with the new name of “Gazi Faculty of Education”.

Courses are presented within a semester-based structure in the faculty. There is a wide range of elective courses that appeal to students’ interests and abilities in addition to compulsory ones.

As of the 2019-2020 academic year, there are 6532 registered students and 456 faculty members (176 full professors, 107 associate professors, 47 assistant professors, 27 lecturers, and 99 research assistants).


 There are 8 departments and 27 undergraduate programs in Gazi Faculty of Education.

Information technologies are actively used in our faculty and all of our faculty members are provided with computers and projectors in classrooms. More than 200 computers connected to the internet in 8 laboratories located in our faculty are solely at the service of our students.

Nowadays traditional approaches to teaching that aim for the transfer of information to students are abandoned. A modern approach to education that aims to equip students with a wide range of skills, attitudes, and values by teaching them only some key concepts has started to take its place. Adopting this modern perspective, our faculty members have been training academics for the other institutions in our country.

In the light of this information, here is why you should choose Gazi Faculty of Education for your future:

  • because it is named after the great Turkish leader, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and it named the university as well,
  • because it was founded as per the specific instructions of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to pave the way for a modern civilization,
  • because it is the  most well-rooted teacher training institution of our country,
  • because it has well equipped faculty members both quantitatively and qualitatively,
  • because it has a modern conception of education and puts it into practice,
  • because it has a considerably extensive curriculum,
  • because it employs information technologies efficiently,
  • in order to enjoy the privilege of belonging to Gazi at Gazi University at our faculty to the fullest.


We are looking forward to having you all at our faculty like we did with our students who are training to become teachers now so that you can enjoy the same privilege.


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