Faculty Members Participated in Examinations in Cyprus Valley
18 May 2022 | 09:26

The Cyprus Valley has been registered as a "Qualified Natural Protection Area" and "Sustainable Conservation and Controlled Use Area" with the letter of the Ankara Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board dated 18 December 2020 and numbered 272142. The Cyprus Valley is located in the southeast of the Mamak district, 5 km south of the Kayaş turn on the Samsun road. The valley is about 8 km long. "Cyprus Valley Qualified Natural Protection Area and Sustainable Conservation Controlled Use Areas Conservation Plan" has been prepared by Mamak Municipality. In order to see the details of this plan in the field and to make suggestions by making observations, the investigation study carried out by the Mamak Municipality on 21.04.2022; Our faculty member Prof. Dr. Ali Gul, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yilmaz, Prof. Dr. Ergin Hamzaoglu, Prof. Dr. Turhan Cetin and Lecturer Caner Aktas; Deputy Mayor of Mamak Municipality Abdurrahman Keleş, Rural Services Manager and Advisor to the Mayor Sena Özkul Pehlivanlı, City Planner Yağmur Öcal and Architect Arif Şavluk attended.

During the examinations, observations were made about biodiversity, eco-tourism opportunities, geographical features and the river, especially in the area from the beginning of the Cyprus Canyon, which is located in the Cyprus Valley, to the waterfall region. After the field studies were completed, ideas were exchanged about the recreation and usage possibilities of the valley and it was decided to conduct a comprehensive scientific study and research trip on May 19, 2022 with the participation of Biology Education Department students and lecturers.

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